Our live classes run through Zoom. Zoom is the leading software-based video conferencing solution, ideal for virtual classrooms, group collaboration and webinars.

If you've never used Zoom, download the Zoom web browser client to your computer (it’s free!):

You won’t be required to install anything after this initial setup process.

Before class starts, navigate to our live schedule and click on the upcoming class you’re interested in:

10 minutes before class is scheduled to go live, a “Launch Class” button will show on the screen.

Click the button to join the live class. If you click on the “Launch Class” button without first installing Zoom on your computer, you will be prompted with instructions to download/install the software.

Once you’ve joined the class, you will have the option to share or disable your webcam and microphone. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you’re having issues installing Zoom, please refer to Zoom’s support section.

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